Sep. 18, 2018

Muppet Treasure Island Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

Muppet Treasure Island Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download >>> DOWNLOAD

The Muppets' twist on the classic tale.

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original title: Muppet Treasure Island

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Musical,Romance

imdb: 7.7

duration: 1h 39min

tags: Set sail for Muppet mayhem!

keywords: breakingthefourthwall, misspiggycharacter, swedishchefcharacter, kermitthefrogcharacter, themuppets, sea, pirate, treasure, friendswholivetogether, piratewench, balladeer, homeinvasion, dualwield, ope






































The Muppets' twist on the classic tale. The Muppets are back into action in another movie based on a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Kermit the Frog and his colleagues go on a warfare against ruthless pirates. They also share their problem-solving journey on sea to rescue a treasure. This is what I like to call one heck of a movie! I saw it as a child shortly after it came out on video, so needless to say I hardly remembered any of it before a recent viewing. I was a tad worried when my friends suggested it, thinking they had some screws loose for suggesting a kiddie movie, but I was completely surprised! This is one hilarious movie, with Tim Curry as Long John Silver and the whole Muppet crew as the rest of the cast. While some of the songs weren't great, this was an exciting, funny, and just all-around great flick! Even if you don't think you'd like a movie that features more puppets than humans, I say check it out ye scurvy dogs!

8/10 The nineties were not a kind decade for the Muppets. It began with the death of their creator and mastermind, Jim Henson, followed just two years later by the passing of another gifted principal Muppeteer, Richard Hunt. They returned to the big screen in 1992 with a critical and financial success, "Muppet Christmas Carol", but after that were bombarded with more unfortunate setbacks. While their 1996 venture, "Muppet Treasure Island" did reasonable business, it was met with disappointment by critics and fans. A new television series, "Muppets Tonight" was cancelled after just one shaky season. They then came back in 1999 with a new movie, "Muppets from Space", their first original story in over fifteen years - which unfortunately met with more mixed reviews and bombed in theatres. Finally, Jim Henson company was in financial trouble and acquired by a German entertainment corporation, which was running into money problems itself and left the future of the Muppets in question.

So, as mentioned above, "Muppet Treasure Island" came in the middle of this 10-year semi-slump for the Muppets, and in my opinion, the critics hit the mark on it. It is a somewhat empty, substanceless adventure that attempts to run in the same vein as "Christmas Carol" but fails to carry with it the magic. Once again Gonzo and Rizzo are the real stars here, and that has it's downside. They are great supporting characters, but it's Kermit, Fozzie & Piggy that are more suited for the limelight in these kinds of things. Surprisingly, another Frank Oz character, Sam the Eagle, becomes a bigger star than Fozzie and Piggy in this film, but doesn't bring his usual humour to the role. And another Oz favourite, Animal, is virtually absent, muttering two measly lines in the background of one scene and is never heard from again. But I digress, as it's hard to squeeze all those lovable characters into the film in equel portions, especially when there is such a demanding story to cater to (they even make a nice joke out of a similar situation regarding the Swedish Chef!).

Another big problem here would have to be the music. This is where Disney's involvement comes in bigtime, and really tears the movie apart. Music has always been a strong point of the Muppets, but here the tunes are quite forgettable, to say the least. Hans Zimmer, of "The Lion King" fame does a really bland job of giving the muppets something to sing.

The movie isn't horrible, it just feels a bit empty, as if the Muppets are being misused. This is leaps and bounds away from "The Muppet Movie". Maybe it's just depressing to see the Muppets being reduced to Disney-esque takes on classic novels, but this is the first Muppet movie where I really felt I was watching a kiddy-flick. The sight of the Muppets making their first movie appearance since 1992's Christmas Carol - with no technological wizardry or flashy special effects applied to update the simple but effective puppetry techniques - proves to be a sobering experience. And the attempt of Jim Henson's bug-eyed creations to keep up with the times results in a breezily entertaining yet old-fashioned brew.


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